Toasted MarshmellowCenturies Later, Arak Gives Birth To Its New Heir: Miami Arak

October 26, 2020by miamiarak0

Arak has been the primary drink of choice for people from the Middle East dating all the way back to the 12th century. Arak is not only called for when there is a special occasion, family celebration, or holiday.  It has been a long-standing part of many people’s heritage that has been the center of festive social gatherings, bringing family, friends, and even villagers together to celebrate the unity of life.

Arak earns its smooth and rich taste from the multiple distillation processes that the grapes and aniseed undergo.

For hundreds of years, however, the expected flavor of Arak has been just that.

The birth of a new heir has finally arrived.  It’s called Miami Arak. And it is the biggest sensation this world has been waiting for. The unanticipated arrival of Miami Arak introduces a brand new concept in Arak flavor, without abandoning the original old-world formula of how arak has been produced for centuries. Each batch of Miami Arak is carefully crafted in a Miami distillery using old-world techniques with new world formulas producing six new flavors, including Lychee, Lemon-Lime, Marshmallow, Espresso, Bubble Gum, and Original.  The result is an unexpected sapid arak taste like never before.

The inventors of Miami Arak, also of Mediterranean heritage, live and play in Miami. This city’s pop culture, coupled with the inspiration of art, design, and good food, have impressed upon them the impetus to combine their love and appreciation for these eclectic influences into a centuries-old staple drink they grew up knowing.  Miami Arak embodies the traditional with the modern world of fun, good vibes, festive art, color, and bold flavor, bringing you a smooth and rich arak drink.  One taste and your senses will be galvanized.  No doubt, after your first taste of one Miami Arak drink your curiosity won’t resist wanting to try another Miami Arak flavor. It’s that good!  Miami Arak is a dynamic accompaniment to any occasion, food, and social gathering.  We know you can’t wait to try this new baby.  Good thing it’s here to stay and grow with you for centuries to come.

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