EspressoMiami Arak Is Striking High Notes With Its Drinkers

November 4, 2020by miamiarak0

Men aren’t the only ones gushing over Miami Arak. This new drink is making a huge splash with women of different racial groups, cultures, and ages, barring those under 21, of course.  Arak history has a very different lineage, you see.  The popular anise-flavored Arak drink was the center of all social gatherings, festive feasts, and toasts championed primarily by men of the Eastern Mediterranean.  But hundreds of years later Miami Arak is taking the world’s liquor palate by storm, and it’s not discriminating against anyone who wants to drink it.

Today Miami Arak is breaking boundaries and crossing over as the crowd pleaser amongst all groups of men and women, regardless of their age, ethnicity or native language.  Good thing Miami Arak’s collection of drinks is comprised of six robust and unique flavors, leaving no one deprived of enough selection to satisfy their taste buds.  Lychee, Marshmallow, Bubble Gum, Espresso, Lemon-Lime, and Original Arak are such diverse flavors that can be drunk as an aperitif before a meal, paired with appetizers or the main, or simply taken straight up – on the rocks or off.  It’s your choice how you want your Miami Arak drink served, ladies and gentlemen.

With that in mind, the founders of Miami Arak have not spared their passion for the art of fusion.  One glance at the playful pop artwork on the front of every Miami Arak bottle, topped with its bright colored pearlized caps, and you’ll smirk at the eye-candy this bottle reflects and raise your brow with curiosity.  The lines you see on each Miami Arak bottle are unique artwork designs that fuse the homage paid to the people of a bygone era who used arak as the centerpiece to their life’s celebrations, as well as, the inspiration drawn from Miami’s colorful art and design districts and its people’s passion, versatility, style and rich culture.

It’s no surprise Miami Arak is appealing to all types of crowds.  How can you blame it? It looks good on the outside and tastes damn good on the inside.  With flavors that are irresistible and a quality that is superb, Miami Arak is undeniably delicious, a consistent testimony offered by the judges – the drinkers – you – time and again.  And that makes this storyline even more exciting.  Whether it’s with people close to your heart or those you’ve known briefly, for reasons that are personal or less so, Miami Arak is the vibe and flavor for any scene that will make you want to pour some more and raise your glasses with no boundaries.

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