celebrated for centuries

Known by different names throughout the world such as Aguardiente, Raki and Oüzo, many Eastern Mediterranean cultures have been serving Arak at celebrations and social gatherings for centuries.

The formulas for traditional arak are coveted throughout the region, many preferring to distill their own arak at home over commercial brands. The creators of Miami Arak bring these timeless formulas to a Miami-based distillery to create Miami Arak Original, using only top quality grapes and aniseed indigenous to the Eastern Mediterranean.

arak for everyone

Steeped in a culture of Arak drinkers, the creators of MIAMI ARAK noticed that not everyone enjoys the strong taste of Arak. What about those who feel left out as soon as the bottle of Arak comes out and the drinks start flowing? How can we ensure that everyone enjoys the festivities?   

After thorough research and experimentation, the creators decided the best way accommodate everyone is to provide a lighter choice with lower alcohol content and a variety of flavors. First, to honor tradition and create a base for new flavor experiences, MIAMI ARAK Original was created. The alcohol content, flavor and process are authentic to traditional arak. Next, they lowered the alcohol content of the Original and infused amazing flavors inspired by nostalgic favorites and tropical influences of Miami.

After positive feedback from MIAMI ARAK flavors, our tasteologist fused that old school Arak flavor with thirst-quenching tropical tastes to create the world’s first premium arak hard seltzers.

connecting us all

MIAMI ARAK is proud to bring this Eastern Mediterranean tradition to the United States and blend it with the eclectic culture of Miami. Arak can be served as shots for parties and events, on the rocks for unwinding at home or mixed with other ingredients to make scrumptious cocktails while entertaining at home. Be sure to check out our cocktail recipes here and follow us on social media for the latest recipes and announcements.

Celebrate life. Celebrate responsibly.